Art Corner: Yves Klein

Yves Klein was a noted French artist who, along with some friends, kicked off nouveau réalisme, an artistic movement that declared that it presented “new ways of perceiving the real.” A prolific painter and performance artist, Klein is best known for the precise shade of shocking ultramarine that he used– which he patented as International Klein Blue in 1961. His huge works of monochromatic abstract art is awe inspiring and an extremely fun pop of color no matter where it sits. I love how minimal his pieces are and yet how striking in color and color density.

 Monochrome jaune sans titre (M 8), 1957
Yves Klein

At present, I am particularly excited by “bad taste.” I have the deep feeling that there exists in the very essence of bad taste a power capable of creating those things situated far beyond what is traditionally termed “The Work of Art.” I wish to play with human feeling, with its “morbidity” in a cold and ferocious manner.


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